Github repository for Beta Launcher

version 0.3 BETA

A small launcher project I started, to make compiling and using UE4 on Linux easier. Things done so far:


Things I want to do in the future


Ubuntu/Mint: download .deb from the master branch and double klick the file!

Arch: Download the .tar.xz file from the master branch and install it via packman with sudo pacman -U *filename*

for more Information, please visit the forum-post on the Unreal forum!

[further information:]

Distribution I am writing on : Arch Linux Started: around Easter 2016 software needed to run: GTK 3.10+ , WebKit (PyWebKit), Python 3, Vte 2.91+

[Note about me:]

Please keep in mind that I learn Python since fall 2015, so the code will be far from perfect. If you have questions feel free to contact me at